Our 2 day adventure began at the train station in New Jersey. It was a beautiful cold late winter’s day. My wife and our good friends were on our way to New York for a quick getaway. We were all excited about a day without an agenda culminating in seeing Billy Joel in concert.

We had an amazing day… walking around NYC we went to the market/restaurant Eataly, wonderful place. We ventured up the Empire State Building, and there were no lines! What an amazing view to see the New York Skyline from such a vantage point. For a moment, it felt like I was flying up the Hudson for the River Visual Rwy 13 into LGA.

Going through the day the excitement grew about our upcoming concert.

After our wonderful dinner at the Marta Restaurant (and some great wine), we went to Madison Square Garden for our show.

We had amazing seats…Row 11, on the floor. From these seat we’d be able to see Billy Joel sweat! I haven’t been to a lot of concerts in my life, have you? When I do go, I normally don’t have the best seats. However, no matter where you sit, the entertainers are always so good at what they do, everyone has an amazing time.

The show was fantastic! We heard 26+ songs over a 2+ hour period from Billy Joel and select specials guests…one being John Mellencamp.
When we were originally planning the trip we looked online for tickets a few months in advance. We had this great plan, all of our schedules worked for this one show. The problem was it was sold out! The obvious question is how did we get tickets at all? Let alone the amazing seats… It’s called relationships.

My wife’s brother had some relationships in the concert business. After a few text messages and emails exchanges we had our seats. Unbelieveable…you’ve had this happen in many different aspects of your life, right? What a privilege…Thank you David!

The same concepts work in the world of Real Estate and life. Before I developed deep long term relationships in Real Estate, I was purchasing properties at retail price (If I could purchase them at all in certain markets). I didn’t know that the world of private lending and being the bank even existed. These relationships opened my eyes. Nowadays, I rarely pay full retail and find good and solid deals that are not available to the general public. Just like the Billy Joel Concert, the “tickets” are “Sold Out” unless you know the right people.

With the Aviator Freedom Alliance and our upcoming Aviator Freedom Summit in Philadelphia (April 22nd & 23rd) we are all about creating deep long term relationships. In a no sales pitch allowed environment, you’ll learn about Real Estate and meet some extremely smart and talented professional real estate investors. Our goal is to connect the right people with the right product.

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Ralph Marshall

Ralph Marshall
Wilmington Financial

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