I recently visited Athens, GA. What a beautiful town! It was an unseasonably warm couple of days for my visit. The trees were budding and flowers blooming. It is the home of the University of Georgia and the band REM (and great food BTW).

My friend and I went for a walk from his office which was close to Franklin College (AKA University of Georgia). The campus was an amazing showcase of the architecture of the south and the area’s rich history. As we were walking he shared the story of Sherman’s March to the Sea. Hearing of the techniques of total war that they used were disturbing and brutal, i.e. burning of towns, destruction of infrastructure, and the pillaging of food to name only a few. Sherman’s path went from Atlanta to Savannah. The ugly, but sometimes necessary part of war.

Along the route you see above some towns were burned and some were not. My friend informed me Savannah was spared. I did not know this as I didn’t do the greatest in American History :-). The reason he believed it was spared was General Sherman had a girlfriend in the town. I thought to myself, wow the power of relationships can stop a 62,000 man Army. Pretty amazing…

After a little research I discovered there are other theories why the town was spared. One theory was pure military strategy. Savannah was a sea port with invaluable prizes such as a naval base and supply center which could be used by the Union Army. Another was it saved by the Department of Treasury due to the spoils of war, Cotton, etc. Sherman may have be told not to destroy it.

After hearing the story of how a relationship could have stopped an Army it made me reflect how relationships have helped me and my friends achieve more. Whether it be in careers, tickets to Billy Joel Concerts (I just went in NYC, thank you David!), or access to real estate deals we all do much more together than by ourselves.

This is why I created the Aviator Freedom Alliance (AFA). I wanted to share the relationships I have developed over the past 16 years in the world of Real Estate. Sharing these precious ties with the right people allows me an opportunity to give back to the aviation community that has given me so much.

At our upcoming Aviator Freedom Summit on April 22nd & 23rd you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the smartest, brightest, and experienced real estate investors in the United States. These people have had a direct impact on my ability to create financial freedom for me and my family. This is a chance to develop your own relationships and advance the cause of your own financial freedom.

Check out the event and save your spot

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Till next time,

Ralph Marshall

Ralph Marshall
Wilmington Financial

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