I’m a late comer to the coffee experience. I never really used to like coffee until about 10 years ago. Not sure if it was not having acquired the taste, or I’ve just gotten older and realizing I don’t have the energy I used to (probably the later). This was about the time I started working for the airlines…do you think there’s any correlation 🙂

In my businesses I don’t have a physical office. My favorite workspace is my “Coffice” (My Coffee Shop Office). I have multiple Coffice’s I go to enjoy my coffee and get quite a bit of work done.

Today in one of my Coffice’s they were roasting coffee for all of their locations and for customers all over the world. While taking a sip of coffee next to the roasting machine, I was amazed at this piece of equipment and technology. I could see the beans being vacuumed into the the roaster.

I asked the young lady running the machine you see below about how she did it. Was it as simple as putting the beans in and letting it go? She said roasting coffee “…is an art and a science.” That was pretty simple but profound.

The beans they use come from all over the world and are put into the machine. Coffee acts in a predictable way using science and chemistry in the roaster to achieve a certain consistency. However, the roaster operator can use their artistic side using the same bean to get different aromas and flavors. Adjusting the path or trajectory of the finished product to eventually end up in the same place… a great cup of coffee.

Investing in Alternative Investments, namely those secured by Real Estate is a combination of “Art and Science” as well. When I purchased my first rental property back in 2001 in the state of Oklahoma, I believed owning a rental property was completely scientific. You purchase a property at certain price, the rent payments come in, and then I cash the check. I was very good at assessing costs, transactional engineering, and figuring operational expenses. I had all of the financial ratios figured out: Return on investment, Cash on Cash return, gross operating income, etc.

Ask my partner back in the day…I was crazy about spreadsheets! Having a base of knowledge in the science of Real Estate investing is only one piece of the puzzle. A puzzle if not done correctly may cost an investor a lot of money.

What makes a great real estate investor? Great investors perfect the art form of the science. This is the element I didn’t know about when I first started many years ago. Great Real Estate investors, those who know the Art and Science of real estate investing, know how to limit their downside risk. Thus reducing the chance of losing money and significantly increasing the likelihood of making a profit.

What are some examples of this art in action? One of the most important elements is Relationship building. Like any business Real Estate is just another business based on people. The more people I got to know in the real estate world the more I learned and was able to take my investing to another level.

Another key element of the art form of real estate is creating win/win deals for everyone. The means building rapport with buyers/sellers, clearly communicating, and negotiating effectively and fairly. This means thinking outside the usual ways of doing things and being creative. Real Estate does not have to be a zero sum game.

Where did I begin to learn the Art of Real Estate and thus learning how to limit my downside risk? Thus exponentially increasing my chances of making a great return? I went to meetings and masterminds like the Aviator Freedom Summit on April 22 & 23rd in PHL. At our meeting you will meet and learn from folks who have not only have mastered the science of Real Estate Investing, they have also mastered the Art.

Come join us to take your investing and pursuit of financial freedom to another level… What is holding you back?

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Ralph Marshall

Ralph Marshall
Wilmington Financial

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